Do you ever walk into your kitchen, grab a spoon, glide to the pantry, and stare longingly at the jar of peanut butter? You start to second-guess your soon-to-be snack when guilt begins to tingle your fingertips as you reach toward the sugar-filled container.

STOP! Put the spoon down, and shift your eyes to the left where a can of Hope and Harmony Farms Virginia peanuts are waiting for you to make a better choice. Ah, and the guilt has subsided as you open the can to smell fresh, roasted Virginia peanuts. Peanut butter can have its healthy side, but the sugars within each jar will often negate its benefits. However, if it is peanut butter you truly need, you can skip out on all the sugar and easily make your own peanut butter. Just throw your Hope and Harmony salted or unsalted peanuts in the food processor. Give it couple of pulses and you are all set—delicious homemade peanut butter with very little effort. In fact, if you want an enhanced peanut butter, choose one of our all-natural flavored items, such as our Cajun spiced Virginia peanuts for a hot & spicy peanut butter.

Consumers find a better choice in skipping the sugar intake and grabbing a handful of salted or unsalted peanuts instead to obtain their daily serving of good fat. As a matter of fact, allow me to provide three awesome benefits of peanuts:

1. Energy: Ask any gym-rat: “What’s the best way to obtain energy?” Their answer will be protein. However, most enthusiasts forget that protein shakes are not the only avenue to energy. Instead of investing $30 on chalky protein powder, buy a can of peanuts to boost your energy. Where protein powder holds 24g of protein per serving, peanuts provide 38g of protein per cup! Protein helps increase satiety, which makes it easier to control your overall calorie intake during weight loss. Moreover, peanuts are natural and un-processed.

2. Anti-aging: Eating roasted, skin-on Virginia peanuts (redskin peanuts) is an easy tactic for delaying cellular aging. Anti-oxidants, such as resveratrol, help to protect the body against damage. So the same reason you drink a glass of red wine (or two) per day should be the same reason you eat a handful of peanuts (or two) per day. One more plus, everyone in this small town knows wine and peanuts make for a great way to end a productive day.Invite some friends over and enjoy the healthy life!

3. They HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT. Yes. Even with your wine, peanuts are helping you to lose weight. Remember my comment on “good fat?” The Peanut Institute helps to explain that peanuts contain high monounsaturated fats, and according to Harvard diets consisting of monounsaturated fat (good fat) are easier to stick with than low-fat diets. The study also found a monounsaturated diet better lowers cholesterol. But I think the best weight benefit is that good fats allow you to keep weight off longer! Who wants to do all the work to only gain it back? Therefore, choose unsalted peanuts when possible, and eat peanuts in moderation.

Now that you are aware of three powerful benefits, I think it is safe to say that peanuts are a lifestyle choice! You don’t have to maintain health on your own—allow peanuts and Hope and Harmony Farms to help your journey toward maintaining a healthier, natural you!

Now remember folks, I am a small town gal who is NOT a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one.  Consult your own personal physician before making any lifestyle or diet changes. Now, I am a small town gal who loves simple, easy nutritious food.  #smalltowngallovessimple

Happy Eating!