Looking for recipes to use those Virginia Peanuts in? Hope and Harmony Farms Peanuts are a great snack on their own, but they're also a great way to add a tasty protein boost to any dish. Click on the images below for some delicious inspiration starring our very own jumbo Virginia Peanuts.  Not only are these dishes delicious, they're packed with protein and folate, and are naturally cholesterol free! Read up on peanut nutrition, it might just make that peanut brittle taste even better.  A word of caution if you're using raw peanuts: make sure they're fully cooked before consuming them.  


          strawberry-banana-peanut-butter-stuffed-french-toast-v1.jpg    blueberry-pb-smoothie-v1.jpg    cajun-spice-boiled-virginia-peanut-hummus-v1.jpg         

      spinach-strawberry-salad.jpg .  peanut-pesto.jpg.   peanut-chicke-stir-fry-v1.jpg  

     peanut-pie-recipe.jpg     banana bread