Anyone can throw some lettuce and tomatoes into a bowl and call it a salad. A salad with peas, peanuts, hot sauce, and bacon? Now that’s a dish that makes a statement your friends won’t soon forget.

Our Loaded Peanut & Pea Salad is perfect for any time of year. With cool peas and fresh tomatoes, it’s the perfect counter to a warm summer day. If the seasons are leaving things a little cool outside and in, the hot sauce in this salad is guaranteed to keep you and your guests warm. A little of something for everyone, this recipe is a sure-fire crowd pleaser.


2 lb bag of frozen sweet peas

1/2 large sweet onion diced

2 roma tomatoes diced

1/4 cup bacon crumbled

1/2 cup mild cheddar cheese (shredded)

2 cups Salted Peanuts

2 tbs Mayonnaise

1/4 cup hot sauce

2 tbs black pepper


It doesn't get easier than this: Mix all ingredients together until blended. Refrigerate one hour. Sprinkle additional salted peanuts on top prior to serving.