Wine and Peanuts, are they Compatible?

We all know peanuts and beer pair together quite nicely, however, they are not the only alcoholic beverage that bring out unexpected and inventive flavors when pairing. Food enthusiasts around the world are always being inspired to try new flavors and pairings, it is a staple in every culture. So, for those of you who are not so experienced and are new to flavor profiles and pairings, here is a quick guide to pair your favorite Hope & Harmony Farms peanut products with WINE!

The powerhouse of wine and peanut pairings are the sparkling wines (Champagne, Cava, Prosecco), which pairs wonderfully with sweet or spicy peanuts. Sparkling wine of most varieties is fantastic with salty foods, Hope & Harmony Farms recommends our Salted peanuts or our Cajun peanuts, both have just the right amount of salt to pair with the bubbles. If sparkling is not your wine of choice and prefer other whites we won’t leave you out, there are plenty varieties that pair well with several of our flavors. Chardonnay is best characterized as fruity and buttery, with a velvety feel that’s atypical to dry white wines. It has great acidity which is great for cutting the richness of creamy and decadent flavors. Hope & Harmony Farms Butter Toffee peanuts pair wonderfully.

Riesling is usually characterized as sweet, with intense fruit flavors. Riesling is a misunderstood wine, in the U.S. it varies a lot in style, and many produce a very sweet Riesling that has almost become the “norm” for Riesling style in the U.S. Truth is, Rieslings from Europe are often minimally sweet, and this wine’s balance of acidity and sweetness makes it a very food-friendly option. The best thing about Riesling, is that it balances spice incredibly well, making it a perfect accompaniment to Thai food or other spicy food like Hope & Harmony Farms Southern Heat-Habanero  peanuts or our Sriracha Virginia peanuts. Sauvignon blanc is best described as dry, tart and acidic with herbal flavors as well as tropical fruit. This crisp, lighter white wine is known for having a high level of acidity and a lot of citrus. It is a great wine to pair with dishes that are lighter yet still packed full of flavor, and the herbaceous qualities often found in the wine often bring out the herbs in a dish. We recommend Hope & Harmony Farms Sriracha Lime peanuts or our all NEW Salt & Vinegar peanuts, their tangy characteristics pair wonderfully with Sauvignon blanc.

Cabernet sauvignon is typically a very full-bodied wine with herbal notes. Cabernet is the red powerhouse of peanut pairings. It will go with almost any flavor of peanut, sweet or spicy. Try it with our Honey Roasted peanuts or our Salt & Pepper Virginia peanuts. The salt mixed with the richness of peanuts and the herbal notes of the wine mix together and leave your pallet completely satisfied. Merlot is fruity and spicy, it pairs well with Hope & Harmony Farms Peanut Brittle. The spices of the wine compliment the sweetness of the brittle wonderfully. Pairing with chocolate? Rule of thumb for wine and chocolate is to find a wine sweeter than your chocolate. So if you have a sweet red or white wine that you are having a hard time pairing try Hope & Harmony Farms Chocolate Covered Virginia peanuts or our Chocolate Covered Peanut Brittle.

Peanuts provide a healthy and unexpected opportunity to serve a quick, easy, and classy snack with wine. So if you are looking for a new flavorful snack for girls night, try pairing your favorite wine with our favorite peanuts.

Quick tip: If you are ever eating hard to pair foods, like salad or aspargaus, try chopping up a handful of Hope & Harmony Farms Virginia Peanuts (any flavor), it makes all the difference by providing a flavor anchor for the perfect wine pairing.